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Auction Ranks


Idaggeh's Get




  • Swayvil, King of Chaos 
    • Privy Council
      • Azinack Morrock, Lord High General of the Armies Chaos
      • Lord High Constable 
      • Grandmaster of the Black Watch 
      • Duke of Sawall
      • Duke of Hendrake
      • Duke of Helgram 
      • Margrave of Hesse 
      • Keeper of the Logrus
    • Other Members of the Royal Court
      • Miriam Kuzzoch, Court Trump Artist 
  • House Hesse
    • Yannick, Margrave of Hesse
    • Greer, Consort to the Margrave (deceased)
      • Crow, previous eldest child (deceased) 
    • Groonna, younger sibling to Yannick
      • Tenham, fashionista and party animal 
    • (Not family: Household Staff
  • House Cadeval
    • Valefor, Master of the Wastelands, Commander of the Border Watch
    • Loa, black sheep of House Cadeval
    • Eesha, pit diver 
  • House Hendrake 
    • Larsus+Belissa Minobee, Duke and Duchess of Hendrake
      • Severina, Viscount of the Crashing Scarlet Heights (kids with photos and personality descriptions)
        • Yael - eldest child
        • Winter (quasi-twin)
        • Phoenix (quasi-twin)
        • Gray (actual twin)
        • Bellamy (actual twin)
        • Amal
        • Darby
        • Kiran
        • Tempest (she/her) - youngest child, teenager 
      • Borel 
      • Lintra 
        • Dara the Elder (deceased)
          • Nora (deceased) 
      • Chinaway 
        • Bregan (parent to Nora) 
          • Saela, drunken trouble maker
  • House Sawall
    • Gramble, Duke of Sawall
      • Mandor
      • Tivienne, artist and train wreck 
      • Liaz, information broker 
    • Suhuy, Keeper of the Logrus 
  • House Helgram 
    • Kelran + Ixaadhu, Dion's parents 
    • Dara the Younger 
    • Olland, advanced Logrus user, general shut-in 
  • House Dagimul
    • Darkas 
      • Karanek + Dion - Greer's parents
    • Edrid, minor trump artist, general garbage
  • House Triton
    • Arx, just weird
    • Lariath, advanced Logrus user who mostly lives in Shadow
    • Idaggeh, parent to Ixaadhu 
  • House Keres
    • Kalma 
  • House Jesby
    • Alianora of Jesby 
  • House Anwp
    • Amenkno, advanced Logrus master
  • House Akupara 
  • House Crispin, minor house 
  • House Urqhart
    • Lord Jaken
    • Lady Phoebe
      • Orlando
      • Touchstone
      • Rosalind 
  • Church of the Serpent Which Manifests as the Logrus
    • Loyal Order of the Temple of the Serpent
      • Snorri, Grandmaster of the Serpent Guard
    • Office of the Doctrine of Faith
      • Father Paulus Halwood 
  • Watchful Order of the Black Dominion 
    • Valerian of Valerian (née Jesby), Earl of Flametree, Grandmaster of the Black Watch 
  • House Amber


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